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Enable workforce flexibility

Greater accessibility to a broader skills range and greater flexibility in manpower planning in an uncertain business environment.

Borderless access to talents across Asia

Diverse talents from different cultural backgrounds foster creativity and drive business innovation.

Focused on value creation and outcome

The cost of hiring on-demand freelance solution does not include unproductive time. Paid for pure production.

Mitigated risk in making wrong hiring decision

Real-time performance reviews are available from other clients, enabling informed decisions to be made.

RICHplatform, a new way people work together.

We serve as a digital enabler to transform traditional workplace into a workforce ecosystem that focuses on value creation and outcome, not job title.

Our Vision

To lead Asia’s prosperity-sharing

Our Mission

Empowering individuals to chart their own career path and enabling businesses to have borderless access to talents across Asia

How RICHplatform Works

SOLUTION SEEKERS - For Startups & Business Owners

Step 1

Search talents by skills, budget, best seller & rating

Step 2

Discuss job requirements

Step 3

Accept offer and make payment

Step 4

Job delivered and click acceptance

Step 5

Rate and review





How RICHplatform Works

SOLUTIONIST - Be a RICHplatform solution provider

Step 1

Upload profile and skills offered

Step 2

Get notification and discuss job requirements with client

Step 3

Offer price & timeline; client acceptance

Step 4

Job completed and client click acceptance

Step 5

Receive payment and earn XP to progress level

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