Perfect Freelancing Jobs That Allow You to Work From Home

According to The 2020 State of Remote Work from Buffer, an overwhelming majority of remote workers would like to continue working from home either on a full-time basis or at least for part of their current employment. 

The statistics speak volumes about the benefits of remote work. Unfettered flexibility, no need for strenuous commuting, and best of all, able to multitask in the comfort of your own home.

But what if your employer isn’t too fond of the prospect of remote work or a hybrid work environment? You might want to consider transitioning to freelancing. Freelancing opportunities are available far and wide, so your chances of finding a freelance role that allows you the benefits of working from home are much higher than you think.

Many companies are always on the lookout for experienced freelancers. The current pandemic has caused several freelancing industries to expand at an accelerated rate. 

While the side hustle community has been partial to flexible roles like marketing, advertising, and HR, there are other side gigs that complement the current work-at-home environment. Here are some side hustles that are perfect for those who want to work from home.

  1. Translating Side Jobs

While it may come as a surprise to some, translating roles are currently in high demand. The usual translation roles could range from web novel translators to video conferencing live translations. Further down the line are transcription translation roles, where research in one language needs to be translated into another language.

Typical research documents that require transcription and translation are commonly from the market research, legal, or medical research industry. These niche roles require a comprehensive grasp of both languages as well as their local and cultural contexts as well as specialized knowledge in the research field.

  1. Writer Side Hustles

Freelance writing is a well-established and classic work from a home side hustle. As written words are the primary pillars of communication, there are as many types of writing side gigs as there are writing industries. 

It is easy to overlook all the types of writing and lump them into one umbrella term, but each niche of copywriting, content writing, advertisement writing, news article writing, etc has its own individual distinguishing characteristics that set it apart from others.

  1. Data Entry Part Time Stints

If you are the type of person who relishes the easygoing, zen-like repetitive work of inputting data, then data entry side jobs are the perfect side hustle for you. These are typically easy, low effort yet rewarding work that can give freelancers a break from their usual hectic work environment. Perhaps this is the best form of stress relief work from home.

  1. Virtual Admin / Assistant

If you have prior experience as a personal assistant or administrative assistant, then you can seek out a similar role from a variety of clients from the comfort of your own home. Virtual assistants provide similar services as on-site administrative assistants wherein they provide support over the web, be it customer service support or other. Multitasker would find this freelance work exciting and fulfilling. 

  1. Online Tutoring Side Gig

Teaching elementary, primary, high school or college students is another rewarding way to freelance. Typically those who are seeking these online tutoring services would expect the tutor to be at least a college degree holder so please be aware of this requirement.

Online tutoring is a great work-at-home choice because you can discuss it with your students and come to a working agreement that suits both of you. College students themselves are quite accommodating of last-minute changes in tutoring schedules.

As you can see, freelancing is a universal position that anyone and everyone can do. Everyone is quite nervous when they start out, but eventually, they grow to enjoy it and even turn it into their main income generator. Have you started freelancing yet?

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