RICH – Reimagining New Work Trends in Asia

Growing your business requires teamwork, and if you need an independent professional, where else would you look apart from Asia’s ever-growing freelancing platform, RICH Freelance?

RICH Freelance links up amazing independent freelancers and businesses to create amazing business products and services. In fact, we have another term for our freelancers, Solutionists. And for businesses, Solution Seekers. Our freelancers are not just independent contractors, they are the answer to an organization’s problems.

We have been getting an influx of queries from business owners wondering how they can use RICH Freelance to find freelancers for their problems. In lieu of these questions, we have created a simple step-by-step guide for you to follow. 

Are you excited to meet the best colleagues you’ve never met? Content writers, graphic artists, developers, are within your grasp. Connect with the right people and you’ll not have to worry about your problems again.

But first, you would need to sign up to the freelancing platform in order to avail yourself of the services. Once you have signed up, then you can freely browse through the multiple categories of professional independent contractors and freely pick and choose which freelancer is the right fit for your company.

You can then discuss their roles and responsibilities as well as job requirements, and once the deal has been struck, you can sit back, relax, and wait for the job deliverables to be handed in on time while also meeting professional standards. 

Once the business or organization has received what they came to find, they can then rate the Solutionists on their personal work portfolios. This will not only enlighten the freelancer of your satisfaction with their work but will also serve as another way of showing others how the Solutionist has performed. The ideal and maximum benchmark would of course be 5 stars.

As RICH’s freelancing platform is specially catered to startups and business entrepreneurs, there is an increased chance of companies being able to hire great, budget-friendly help. The current pool of professional freelancers is also quite familiar with the ins and outs of startup life and will be able to collaborate with the hiring company seamlessly.

Besides that, RICH Freelance is a fast-growing name that is getting increasingly known in Asia. As numerous Solutionists are clamoring to sign up, naturally business owners will have a multitude of talents to choose from. The current talent pool is considered quite sizable for Singapore and Malaysia, but it is constantly increasing as well. By using the RICH Freelance jobs platform, business openers and hiring managers alike will have borderless access to amazing talents all across Asia. A diversified workplace might also bring forth a synergy of different ideas and cultures.

Once business owners have set their sights and worked together with their chosen Solutionist for 2-3 projects, they would usually have a rough idea of the quality of work of the independent contractor. Typically, contractors on RICH Freelance have an average rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, which quite succinctly expresses the work quality that can be found on the RICH Freelance platform.

Business owners, hiring managers and freelancers can forge long-term partnerships if they are quite happy with their current work arrangement. A 2021 survey conducted by 99Firms found that almost 30 million freelancers are long-term oriented. The statistics denote that freelancing is not just a side hustle, but is in fact a personal career choice. In fact, 30% of Fortune 500 companies are hiring freelancers through platforms such as ours. Up to a third of big corporations looking for skilled people have found their ideal candidate on freelancing platforms.

As mentioned before, the RICH Freelance platform talent pool is ever-expanding. By having a deep talent pool, business owners and hirings managers can have the pick of the best professionals throughout Asia. 

As 45% of full-time freelancers are highly desired professionals providing services in marketing, programming, coding, and content creation, those seeking solutionists can partner with those rich in global exposure and experience with international startups.

As RICH Freelance is specialized in the startup market, the current platform is customized to offer affordable on-demand remote work for startups and entrepreneurs. Time zones across the board will be similar as well, so there is no need for an Asian company to wake up at 2:00 am in the night to communicate with U.S.-based clients.

“RICH Freelance aims to be the fastest-growing gig work platform in Asia that is changing the work environment. Having the adaptability of being able to negotiate with my solution seeker (company) and communicate with minimal barriers is really important,” says Min Yee, a full-time freelancer on RICH Freelance.

The efficiencies that flexible, on-demand independent professionals provide are truly nothing to scoff about. Their roles may also extend beyond the average freelancing tasks. Solutionists and solution seekers should collaborate closely in order to improve their current work efficacy, and also bounce ideas off each other. 

Solutionists may also be a great sounding board to help generate and fine-tune crowdsourcing ideas as they are specialists in their fields. This is especially true when startups are not sure of where to begin their freelancing journey.

Regardless of them being your advisor, creative trigger, or work partner, freelancers will bring about an entirely new layer of innovation to your company, should you choose to embrace it.

An affordable on-demand remote work for your business and startups. Give it a try? Sign up now.

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